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Job Opportunities

Galena Sport Physical Therapy in Reno offers a wide range of opportunities to study, increase your hands on skills, and promote wellness. From back pain to ankle sprains, Galena Sport believes that treating an individual with an injury does not just rely on the injury site itself but on the entire body.  As an employee, student observer, or mentor, they provide educational goals and learning prospects at all stages of ones career.  Some opportunities include:

Staff physical therapist:

Galena Sport employs physical therapists with a passion for knowledge and outstanding patient care.  As staff physical therapist, one must demonstrate strong manual skills, an aptitude for enhancing ones development as a well rounded physical therapist, strong communication skills, leadership skills, and professional demeanor.  Along with treating patients, physical therapists are encouraged to engage in developing relationships with local hospitals and physicians, supporting our non-profit excursions, and attending company events.  

Physical therapy technician:

This position is designed to allow students to obtain observation/work hours towards their graduate studies in physical therapy/health care.

A physical therapy tech at Galena Sport is utilized to help guide patients through exercises, maintain patient schedules, stay up to date with current therapy trends, apply certain modalities, and observe physical therapists.  The Galena Sport model emphasizes one on one care with each patient which allows therapy techs to gain an in depth knowledge physical therapy rehabilitation.  A therapy tech at Galena Sport should be motivated, possess a willingness to learn different therapy techniques, dedicated, have interpersonal skills, and be punctual.

Front Desk Receptionist:

The front desk receptionist is responsible for managing patient schedules, coordinating with doctors offices, acquiring authorizations, taking copay's, and communicating with therapists about plan of care.  While working as the first point of contact for all patients at this facility, the front desk should be punctual, friendly, empathetic, positive, and communicative.  

If you would like to apply for one of these job opportunities, please email your resume with a cover letter to our human resources director Seana Church at:


About us

Our goal at Galena Sport Physical Therapy is to help patients get better faster and experience enduring results. We accomplish this through one-on-one treatment. We treat the whole person rather than just the injury because finding the source of pain is essential to relieving it.

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