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Galena Sport Physical Therapy in Reno offers a wide range of opportunities to study, increase your hands on skills, and promote wellness. From back pain to ankle sprains, Galena Sport believes that treating an individual with an injury does not just rely on the injury site itself but on the entire body.  As an employee, student observer, or mentor, they provide educational goals and learning prospects at all stages of ones career.  Some opportunities include:

Staff Physical Therapist: 

A Galena Sport physical therapist is an independent, self-motivated practitioner who enjoys working with patients directly.  The one on one model allows each therapist to spend time treating their patient to yield optimal results.  Therapists are encouraged to bring their knowledge and background into the clinic to provide learning opportunities not only for patients but also the staff as well.  Galena Sport works as a team to help patients achieve the highest level of care and attention for the best results.  

Position Responsibilities: 

  • Evaluates patients utilizing appropriate tests and measurements to determine the physical therapy problem/level of function and the recommended treatment/discharge plan.
  • Promotes and has knowledge of and utilizes appropriate patient care protocol relating to the physical, psychosocial, and developmental needs for orthopedic outpatient patients.
  • Establishes physical therapy interventions based upon the evaluation and examination, physician orders, and patient’s goals for therapy.
  • Competently performs appropriate physical therapy techniques and procedures.
  • Provides continuity of patient care through written and verbal communication with other health care professionals.
  • Makes recommendations for needed patient care equipment prior to patient discharge and assists with acquisition of same as appropriate.
  • Documents findings, patient progress, and all procedures performed within established time frames.
  • Submits all patient billing at the end of each day.
  • Instructs patients/family members in home programs.
  • Demonstrates effective time management.
  • Complies with quality improvement standards.
  • Participates in assigned aspects of affiliated PT/PTA student training.

We are looking for a full time therapist

If you are looking to apply, please send your resume and a cover letter to our Operations Manager Kasey Dunn, kaseyd.galenasport@gmail.com

Physical therapy technician:

This position is designed to allow students to obtain observation/work hours towards their graduate studies in physical therapy/health care.

A physical therapy tech at Galena Sport is utilized to help guide patients through exercises, maintain patient schedules, stay up to date with current therapy trends, apply certain modalities, and observe physical therapists.  The Galena Sport model emphasizes one on one care with each patient which allows therapy techs to gain an in depth knowledge physical therapy rehabilitation.  A therapy tech at Galena Sport should be motivated, possess a willingness to learn different therapy techniques, dedicated, have interpersonal skills, and be punctual.

How to Apply:

If you would like to apply for one of these job opportunities, please email your resume with a cover letter to dereckb.galenasport@gmail.com

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