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3 Health Benefits of Physical Therapy

3 Health Benefits of Physical Therapy

October is National Physical Therapy Month. A month to raise awareness of the benefits of physical therapy. It’s also a great opportunity to appreciate the hard work and dedication PTs and PTAs provide to their patients. Below are three health benefits of physical therapy. 

Pictured is our PTA, Meginn.

1. Reduce or eliminate pain- Physical therapists are movement experts who treat pain and improve quality of life through hands-on care, patient education, and prescribed movement. In many cases, they help people manage or eliminate pain and reduce the need for surgery and pain medicines, such as opioids.

2. Avoid Surgery- In some cases, physical therapy can replace a patient’s need for surgery. Even if you're still in need of surgery, physical therapy can give you the strength for the procedure.

3. Improves Mobility- If you’re having trouble sitting, standing, walking, or moving- physical therapy can help! A physical therapist will incorporate strengthening and stretching exercises to help improve mobility. In addition, a therapist can fit them with medical devices, such as crutches or a cane, to help them move safer and more efficiently, if necessary.

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