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3 Ways Post-Surgical PT Can Aid In Your Recovery

3 Ways Post-Surgical PT Can Aid In Your Recovery

If you have had any kind of surgery, it’s a big deal. It can leave you in pain, and immobile depending on the surgery. You want to recover and get back to doing the things you enjoy as quickly as possible. That's where physical therapy comes in! For a successful outcome post-surgery, physical therapy is key in getting you moving so you heal and recover quickly and properly, with the minimum amount of discomfort and medication. If you have surgery coming up or are already in recovery, contact us so we can help you get back to doing the things you enjoy! Below, are three reasons why PT is vital to post-op recovery.

Pictured is Lauren Liebert PT, DPT.

1. Reduces Pain- After surgery, recovering patients often worry that physical therapy will be painful, but it’s quite the opposite. Exercising, stretching, and manual manipulations help to restore joint and muscle functioning and relieve pain. Studies show that patients who start physical therapy on day one of their surgery see better overall results and a quicker recovery than those who start later. 

2.  Improves Movement and Range of Motion- Having surgery often results in limited mobility of the affected body parts. The natural response of your body is to protect the area where there was trauma causing muscle tightness and limited range of motion. Physical Therapy can help with all of these limitations after surgery and improve your range of motion.  

3. Builds Strength- After surgery, the affected muscles usually lose some strength. Your therapist will work with you to regain strength and stability in the affected area by tailoring a specific exercise regimen to help you get back to doing the things you enjoy again. 

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