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Balance Exercises

Balance Awareness 

This month we shed a light on Balance Awareness. It was a week that aims to increase awareness about vestibular disorders and supports patients on their journey back to balance. Did you know that balance-related disorders affect more than 69 million Americans? That’s nearly 1 in 5 people who suffer from vestibular dysfunction. Yet despite the widespread occurrence of vestibular disorders, the word “vestibular” is not commonly understood. Few know that “vestibular” refers to the inner ear and brain — the complex, mysterious human system that controls our sense of balance. This is according to vesibular.org. 

Justine Anderson PT, DPT, CSCS at our Caughlin Ranch Clinic specializes in dizziness and balance disorders.


Austin Webster PT, DPT is demonstrating a good balance exercise to try, a single leg RDL (beginner)  to runners pose (intermediate) into a pistol squat (advanced). These poses can be done in succession or by themselves.

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