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Downtown Bike Brew Party

At the end of the day, work is work and sometimes, no matter what job you have, it begins to get tough.  Everyone needs an unwind button.  For some it is dancing, others it is sports, and others it could be just spending time with family.  Here at Galena Sport Physical Therapy in Reno, we like to dance and get together!  On May 6th, we took our company on a downtown Reno tour with the Reno Brew Bike Company, which is a fantastic company event.  We start out by the Reno National Automobile Museum on Lake street.  Now if you have never seen the bike, it looks like a trolley you'd find in San Francisco.  The seats face the center of the bike with pedals powering the battery. It allows the driver to control the steering and very small acceleration pedal and break.  There are sixteen of us who decided to take the journey through Reno on Saturday.  Now, Saturday May 6th is Kentucky Derby day, and we decide to wear Kentucky Derby hats.  Everyone has amazing hats that no doubt added to the fun of the event.

We embark from The biggest little city sign on Lake street and travel down to Imperial Bar.  The bike travels anywhere between 2-3 MPH and we all pedal to help support the small battery on board.  As we pedal, there are speakers on board that allow us play a music mix of all the songs our co-workers came up with. Inevitably, there was much dancing and laughter.  We make our way down the strip a little and head off the bike to Imperial.  We park out front and make our way inside.  There are quite a few compliments thrown our way because we are the only crew wearing fantastic hats.  After ordering a drink at the bar and snapping a few photos, we head back onto the bike and get ready for our second destination.

Cole and Garret get a cameo for their particular hat choices on derby day.  Our second venture takes us out to IMBIB which is a bar just off the downtown area on 2nd and Locust St.  We take our time heading down 2nd street and dance and listen to sweet jams the whole way.  Pedaling the bike can be a little tiring and with such great weather on Saturday, we all feel like we earned our passage to each destination.  IMBIB is a great little micro-brewery down on 2nd street that brews all their libations in house.  Each beer is numbered and they also throw out small tasters for just $2 if you want to sip something new.  Around the bar is a larger sitting area with darts and Foosball and other board games for those who want to interact during their stay.  The drinks are good and many of us enjoyed the tasters to see what the brewery had to offer.

After two stops and some fun games, we jump outside to take a quick photo in front of the bike and ride off to our third location Mellow Fellow Pub. Off to 2nd street and Evans we pedal; to our final spot.  The jams turn back on, the dancing ensues, and more bike riding.  Our driver, dancing with us the whole way, very confidently guides to Mellow Fellow where we sadly depart the bike and grab some dinner and play more games!  Mellow Fellow has a full sized shuffle board table in the dining area of the pub.  We naturally flock to the table and have some decadent nachos and good drinks.  If you have not been on the brew bike before, I encourage you to grab some good friends (enough to rent the whole bike), and pick some fantastic music (dancing music), and pick a theme to dress to (ours was Kentucky Derby hats), and do this thing.  We had a blast laughing, and dancing, and playing games at each spot while tasting some great drinks at very genuine spots here in Reno.  The brew bike really treated us well and we will be doing this again soon.

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