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Exercise and Immunity

Multiple studies have now linked moderate exercise with decreased risks of influenza, pneumonia, and other infections such as diabetes and heart diseases. You don’t need to run a marathon in order to keep a healthy lifestyle. The latest research according to the nytimes suggests that a single workout can have beneficial results to your immune health. Activities such as walking, jogging and cycling have all shown to be effective to your health without being too time consuming or intense. Moving your body in any way right now can be a positive boost to your  health and well being during this time at home.




Kayla is demonstrating how to get quick and effective workouts in during lockdown. She recommends doing a 10min workout on the elliptical machine, walking on the tredmill or outside to get your heart rate up or doing Trx air squats. Any physcial activity can benefit your immune health and all of these exercies can be done at home or at a gym as long as you are keeping your social distance. 

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