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GSPT had a group called the zombeez that participated in the Redrunn. The run was held in Virginia City. The setting combines the rustic look of the city, with realistic rotting zombies, steep mountainous terrain and the thin elevation air. This made it very apparent to me that I would never survive a zombie apocalypse on my own. Luckily I had my team! Jeanine, Karen, Brittany, Peter, Megan, and I completed the Zombeez team, we dressed in yellow and black stripes and in the end were successful, exhausted little beez.

(The crew at the start of the race)

The start is MC’d by a Cowboy and the undead. The runners are divided into flights, and one by one each flight is corralled into a giant storage container and given three red flags. The flags represent your “lives.” The doors open up onto a zombie infested road, and shots are fired from the cowboy, there was pumping dubstep music blaring over the speakers. The details from the Redrunn crew made it seem as if there really was a zombie apocalypse happening. The race was 6.66 miles long and there were multiple undead obstacles including a water pit, tunnels, a maze, and hay barrels. The team jogged together and would regroup after each challenge. We made it through multiple obstacles with our flags, but eventually a few of us had lost our flags. Peter, our most agile team member, had all of his flags at the end and was able to exchange his red flags for 3 antidote flags. As a thank you for distracting the undead so that he could finish alive, he shared the antidote with Jeanine, and Karen who had lost their flags.

It was scary, messy and tough, but the Zombeez had a great time trying to survive.

(Brittany fighting off Zombies)


(Some post run fun)

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