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Kasey's Peru trip 10/14


This morning was no fun.  I wake up super tired from the late night soccer match.  Luckily, the birds were on time and woke me up almost an hour before my alarm.  So I plan my normal morning routine, just with an extra cup of extra dark coffee to help me get the wheels turning.  We have a quick breakfast this morning in order to get to Esperanza on time.  Linda, who is a veterinarian, and I spent some time talking on the boat ride over to the village.  She has a very good knack for taking care of animals and the importance of caring for all creatures.  There was a light rain almost the entire ride and I love it.  The humidity and 80° plus temperature can become daunting at times, so the light rain is extremely refreshing.  We disband from our boat and head straight to the clinic.  The paint inside the pharmacy is finally dry and we take on the task of reorganizing. 

The hard part of this day is that there are four of us in a very small, humid room trying to reorganize these pharmaceuticals.  There is no direct airflow so we all take turns stepping outside to catch a little bit of freedom from the heat.  We finish before lunch and today we have this amazing chili lime soup and I’ll tell you right now, I could have eaten the whole pot!  It was so good I had a hard time putting down the spoon.  Lunch is sadly over, and now it is time for Dr. Bee to teach the staff about certain protocols and procedures.  Today’s lesson is pulmonary distress and it is extremely interesting and valuable information.  She is a really good teacher and has so much knowledge.  As Dr. Bee teaches, Dolly interprets for the two nurse girls who live in the village.  

(Linda is wearing the white shirt, Dr. Bee is sitting on the bench, and the puppy is Cocoa, Dr. Bee named her)
After an hour or two, I begin to nod off into a twitchy nap for about 20 minutes before we decide the sun may no longer help us on our way home.  On our way back to the boat, Dolly buys a canoe from one of the villagers.  Now, we tow this canoe back to the lodge which takes a little bit of time, but it goes by rapidly as we search for the birds on the riverbank and become mesmerized by the sunset.  Once back, the plan is to wash the face, grab some grub, and nod off to bed. 

After talking a bit with a Canadian couple, dinner ends, and I am ready for a nightcap!  Some of the guides ask if I have any movies.  I grab my laptop to see what I have and realize that none of the movies have Spanish subtitles.  So Fredrik, a biologist on staff with Angels of the Amazon, grabs his computer and we end up watching a game of thrones episode.  The rain begins to gently tap the grass roofs and it sends me straight to sleep.  So before I fall out of my seat, I gather my things and head to my comfortable abode.  Soft rain sings me to sleep and I could not be any happier for such a wonderful day.

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