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Our Heavy Lifting Tips!

Our Heavy Lifting Tips!

During the holidays, back injuries become more common as people lift heavy boxes and maneuver themselves up and down ladders and stairs while they decorate. Having proper lifting technique is so important. Here are our heavy-lifting tips as the holidays approach so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

1. Start in a safe position

Plan ahead for any manual lifting. Decide where you will place the object and how you will get it there. 


2. Keep your spine neutral

Our spine is more susceptible to injury when it is flexed. The neutral curve of your spine should be maintained during any manual handling.

3. Hold the load close to your body

 Holding the load close to your body reduces the demand on your muscles to support and move the load. Even having a relatively light object can seem difficult if you are holding it with outstretched arms.

4. Avoid Twisting

When you twist your spine, the small muscles and ligaments close to the spine become stretched. This reduces their ability to support the spine and increases the risk of injury if a load is applied while your muscles and ligaments are stretched. Move your feet to point in the direction you are going rather than twisting your spine.


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