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Physical Therapy Rehab and Covid-19

Physical Therapy Rehab and Covid-19

While most people make a full recovery from Covid-19, others aren’t as lucky. Covid-19 can affect the body in many ways, with illness severity ranging from mild to critical. While 81% of people experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without any treatment, 14% of people experience severe symptoms that could last several weeks or months. We probably will not know the long-term effects of this virus until many years from now; however, there are many symptoms of covid that present themselves today that physical therapy can help treat.

Some people may need physical therapy to help them get back to their normal activities after staying in the hospital for a long time. Physical Therapy can help those who have lost strength due to the virus and aid them to regain stamina. According to the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, physical therapy for those recovering from Covid-19 aims to:

  • return to a normal life. 
  • reduce the likelihood of mental illness from prolonged isolation from society and limited mobility.  
  • restore the function of muscles. 

 At Galena Sport Physical Therapy, our therapists can improve your balance, endurance, strength, and breathing function. If you or anyone you know have long-lasting effects from Covid-19, please do not hesitate to schedule a free assessment with one of our therapists. They will do a thorough evaluation to see if physical therapy is right for you and put together a rehabilitation program to get you feeling your best again.    

Hayley Poland PT, DPT with her balance patient Paul. 

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