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Sami and Josh UNR Graduation 2016

I finally made it! Walking across the stage with my Bachelors degree in Community Health Science was a dream of mine that I finally completed last Friday. I started out the morning going to The Wal, right by campus with my friend Rachel for the free mimosas and breakfast offered to graduates at 6am. We spent time with our fellow classmates who were also in our major and reminisced on the past four years at the university. We started walking over to the quad where the commencement was around 7:30am, and met up in line along with all the Health Science majors. I was so excited to be graduating at the University of Nevada on the quad just like my Mom did 15 years prior. I knew my Mom was just as excited about it as I was. She gave me a tear-filled hug right before I started to walk with my friends to the ceremony seats for the graduates. The weather was perfectly sunny and my excitement was running more wild as I walked with my friend and coworker from GSPT, Josh, in our seats with the rest of our graduating class. We sat eagerly waiting to be called up by our Division of Health Sciences and were extremely excited to say our final goodbyes to our professors and meet up with our families afterwards.

Graduation was extremely exciting, however, I am even more excited to be starting school again in June at UNLV for the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. I am thrilled to start my new adventure in Las Vegas but I will miss Galena Sport. I am so appreciative in all that the therapists have taught me and grateful in the wonderful friendships that I have in being a part of the GSPT team. :)

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