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Summer Travel Tips!

Summer Travel Tips!

Summer is here, and that means travel plans are on the horizon. Whether you’re driving or flying, these three tips will help you prevent pain and injury when you travel. 

Tip #1: Correct Driving Posture- If you plan on spending hours behind the wheel for a road trip, it is important to be comfortable to avoid musculoskeletal problems related to driving. Here are our tips for comfortable driving posture.


1. Lower the seat completely.

2. Slide the seat away from the steering wheel completely.

3. Recline the back rest to about 30 degrees from vertical.

4. Lower the seat cushion at the front edge.

5. Place the steering wheel in its highest and most forward position.

6. Release the lumbar support to its "backed off" position.

Tip #2: Lifting Properly- The larger and heavier your item is, the more at risk you are for neck, back, and shoulder injuries. Lifting and carrying bulky items can strain your bones, muscles, and joints. Below we have a guide on correct lifting techniques for when you're traveling with heavy items. 

Tip #3: Take Frequent Breaks- Taking breaks is very important when traveling. If you’re driving, make frequent stops to get out of the car and stretch your back and legs. If you’re flying, especially during a long flight, try to get out of your seat and walk up and down the aisles.

We hope you have a fun and safe summer!


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