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The Benefits of Pilates for Injury Recovery

The Benefits of Pilates for Injury Recovery

Pilates is a popular workout program throughout the world. It features a broad range of low-impact and light resistance strengthening exercises. But, did you know pilates is also used for injury rehabilitation? Our therapists often use pilates to optimize recovery for certain injuries. Below are the benefits of pilates for injury recovery. 

Our tech, Sienna, is pictured doing reformer footwork. 

How does Pilates Help? Pilates aids in recovery because it focuses on the core. Your core consists of your abdominal muscles and obliques, alongside muscles that are close to your spine. Strengthening your core helps to prevent muscle imbalances and reduces stress on the pelvis and spine.

Improves Posture- Pilates-based exercises have been shown to promote changes in habitual posture by enhancing spinal, scapular, and joint flexibility while strengthening the shoulder, lower back, and abdominal musculature.    

Fixes Muscular Imbalances- Pilates addresses muscular imbalances, which can often be the cause of injuries. It does this by focusing on exercises one side at a time. Exercising in this way helps develop even muscles on both sides of the body. 


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