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Galena Sport Physical Therapy services in Reno

Galena Sport Physical Therapy in Reno serves patients ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics at their two locations.

General Orthopedics

At Galena Sport Physical Therapy, our well-trained and experienced physical therapists work focused on the care and treatment of disorders in the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, nerves, and skin – in fact, all the elements of the musculoskeletal system. Using a combination of hands-on manual therapy and modern modalities, we can determine the impact of sprains, strains, and injuries, and help patients get back to their normal level of activity as quickly as possible.

Back and Neck Pain

Approximately 80 percent of American fall prey to painful back and neck pain at some point in their lives. If the cause is not diagnosed and proper treatment delivered, both can become chronic and seriously impact a person’s quality of life. Our manual therapy techniques and one-on-one treatments help us to pinpoint the source of the problem and treat it properly to ensure the pain does not become a regular part of your life. We will also help you to prevent such injuries in the future.

Pre and Post Surgery

Patients who receive physical therapy following joint replacement surgery have been found to recover faster than those who do not. Our one-on-one manual therapy is designed to speed recovery and diminish pain. We work to address issues of scar tissue and fascial restrictions as we help you regain your strength and mobility after surgery.

Sports Injuries

Across America, about 3.2 million sports injuries are recorded each year. Many of these happen to recreational athletes, especially in sports like golf, tennis, and soccer as well as cycling and exercising. As women’s participation in recreational sports is increasing, they are also accounting for a larger number of injuries. At Galena Sport Physical Therapy in Reno, our hands-on manual therapy approach coupled with home exercises and patient education combines to reduce your pain quickly and restore your movement. Our goal is to get you back to enjoying the sport of your choice as quickly as possible and to prevent painful injuries from recurring.


We work with geriatric patients not just to solve their immediate problems but also to assess their susceptibility to falls and even how they walk or run to possibly compensate for the pain they are feeling. Then we devise personalized treatment plans to keep our older patients as active as possible for as long as possible.


We are caring and compassionate care providers for children who have been impacted orthopedic injuries. Our pediatric care is delivered in a comfortable, pleasant environment and is custom-designed to address the needs of each individual child.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

At Galena Sport Physical Therapy, our professional and licensed physical therapists will work with your physician and insurance provider to assist in your complete recovery following a motor vehicle accident. We will work to assess and diagnose your injuries and provide a customized course of therapy to help you return to your normal level of activity as quickly as possible.

Worker’s Compensation

Six out of every hundred workers in the United States will find themselves nursing a workplace-related injury this year despite great safety improvements in industries and improved government regulations. We will work closely with your personal physician if an accident occurs to help you recover as quickly and as fully as possible and take steps to prevent the injury from happening again.


We work with patients suffering from pain and sometimes reduced movement in the jaw area and other temporal mandibular joints (TMJ) disorders. Physical therapy has been found in research studies to be extremely effective in treating these conditions and in the generation of complete restoration of movement.

Vestibular Therapy

Dizziness, disequilibrium, and vertigo are common signs reported by patients with vestibular dysfunctions.  Physical therapy can help mitigate these symptoms by training the brain to compensate for the vestibular issue.  Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) works on retraining the brain by working on gait patterns, body and eye coordination, strength, and balance techniques that improve mobility.

Dry Needling

This treatment is used in conjunction with other physical therapy modalities in order to help reduce acute and chronic pain symptoms.  Musculoskeletal pain, neurological pain, headaches, and other symptoms can receive immediate relief with this technique. Galena Sport Physical Therapy has three offices in Reno that all offer dry needling from a licensed physical therapist. Medicare and most commercial insurances do not pay for this service therefore there could be an additional copayment amount.

Listed below are some common orthopedic injuries. 

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